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SHAKE TO THE GAME is a service which offers football supporters a continuous way of keeping in touch with other fans, staying updated with official team news and provides an interactive engagement for the favorite team before, during and after the games via a radio program.

Supporters are provided a plug-in device for their mobile phones, equipped with motion sensitive accelerometers. By shaking mobile phone with the gadget attached to it supporters can engage and react to the events surrounding their team. For instance supporters can influence the light of the stadium during a game by shaking their phones.

Shake to the game provides a means for supporters to create stronger ties to the club. It allows supporters to influence and experience a new atmosphere around the games and adds to the collaboration and connectedness between supporters.

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Master of Interaction Design, School of Art and Communication, Malmo University binaryposter1

PLACE SPECIFIC , Autumn 2006, Teamwork 

Binary Bridge is a place- specific interactive light installation on a wooden bridge between Malmö central station and Malmö university.
Twelve motion sensors mounted across the bridge, react when people are crossing the bridge. Each sensor represents
a digit number in binary code. Giving “1” when somebody is passing by the sensor and giving “0 ”otherwise. The sensors are directly mapped to a RGB color in which the bridge is illuminated from underneath. As people cross the bridge the binary numbers and thereby the color constantly change. All people’s movements affect the color ranging from no light when nobody is passing by to bright white light when the bridge is crowed.

A microcontroller processes the signals of the sensors mounted on the bridge to the DMX-protocol which is send to the dimmers that control the lights. (Six 1000W spotlights)


Binary Bridge official website

Read more in an article on University website (in swedish)

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Master of Interaction Design, School of Art and Communication, Malmo University

MOBILE COMPUTING, Autumn 2006, Teamwork

This project has focused on enhancing the Interaction between music producer and consumer. Our aim was to open a new door for unknown musicans to be able to represent their works to consumer directly.

INTERACTIVE AUDIO VISUAL PANEL is a digital panel for outdoor places such as streets, train station and indoor use such as coffee shops, bars, clubs, and shopping center.

Each object on the panel would present a sample track for 10 second of a musician band’s name and their music genre. Musician’s sample works are included in a QR code on the panel. People will receive panel information via blue tooth while they are nearbythe panel area. By approaching to the panel they could receive the sample tracks via QR code
by a cell phone or PDA. QR code can be quickly captured with a mobile phone’s camera and decoded to obtain a Web site address. This address can then be accessed via the phone’s web browser then the music would be ready to hear.










With this service unknown local musicians get the chance to represent their works in public and it is also an opportunity for people to discover new talented musicians in the city. This would increase social interaction indirectly through local music consumer and producer.


Master of Interaction Design, School of Art and Communication, Malmo University


This report is an attempt to develop an earlier idea, Interactive Audio visual Panel (the project above) and my effort was to explore the idea and extend it to a further step. The result was a service for train travelers in Sweden who purchases their tickets via and who are interested on getting to know the local bands of their city.

Music packages will be offered to the purchasers while their buying their train tickets online and it contains the local bands music in different genres. Depends on where you are traveling from and where your destination city is, different music packages will be offered to you. Which means that, the music package you receive when you are traveling from Malmo to Stockholm is different from the music package you receive when you are traveling from Goteborg to Uppsala.

Video scenario 


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