Avenew is my final project in Master of Interaction Design which I visualized it a year after in Advanced Visualization Design course at Umea Institute Of Design.   




Toaster And Kettel Story

Umeå Institute Of Design, Autumn 2008


On my first animation we had to make a story about a toaster and a kettle.

For my first experienced I preferred to use a still camera in studio environment. 







Time Laps

Umeå Institute Of Design, Autumn 2008









Car Modeling And Animation

Umeå Institute Of Design, Autumn 2008


As an exercise we, visualization students, randomly picked a clay model car made by second year bachelor students in school and modeled them in Maya.

I had to work on Jaspers car. The back of the car was not finished so I had to decide about the shape of the back part and back lights by my own. 





Match Image


Match Movie




Schoolchildren in Coaches

Umeå Institute Of Design, Spring 2009

A cooperative project between Advanced Product Design and Advanced Visualization Design. The bus with portable seats has been designed by three APD students at Umea Institute of design. This scenario emphasizes on the usage of portable seats in emergency circumstances.  

Made in Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects.




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  1. Alessandro Says:

    I was search information about Umea (now it’s super dark in this city) and I found your cool web-site and your portfolio.


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